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Revisionist History no. 82
Did Stalin Want War with Germany in 1941?
Hitlers Struggle Against the Moloch of the Soviet Union: Options and Consequences

Michael Hoffman’s controversial new study of Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union

Topics include: The Communist Nazi Alliance, 1939-1941; The Role of Exterminationism in Leninism-Stalinism; NKVD Operations During Barbarossa, 1941-1942; The Commissar Order; Critique of Viktor Suvarov’s Stalin Attack Thesis; Adolf Hitler: British Agent?; Hitler, the German High Command and the Attempt to Conquer Moscow; Hitler’s Götterdammerung Fatalism; The German Defeat in Russia; and more.


Revisionist History no. 81
Secrets of the CIA
The tangled web of crime and conspiracy of Allen Dulles

Explore Allen Dulles’ networks (German Reichsbank; Bank of International Settlements; Mellon and Dupont dynasties; German Prince Maximilian Egon von Hohenlohe; Standard Oil and the CFR); his duplicitous “Nazi” image (designed to gull big fish like Heinrich Himmler); his relations with Sen. Joseph McCarthy, J. Edgar Hoover and Reinhard Gehlen; as well as the role Dulles played in CIA-sponsored revolutions in Iran and Guatemala; his relationship with Sidney Gottlieb and MK-ULTRA and how Dulles used MK-ULTRA mind control on his own family.

ALSO: “The Roots of Revolutionary Dictatorship in the West.” We investigate how ancient traditions of Christian nations were suddenly outlawed and punished in Elizabethan Protestant England, Revolutionary masonic France and then under Abraham Lincoln’s abolitionist rule. These revolutionary dictatorships established the precedent in place today to suddenly outlaw pride in our American heritage and make esteem for symbols and heroes of our past a hate crime. 

PLUS: “Satan’s Synod” -- How Pope Francis and his minions use “pastoral means” to overthrow immutable law. 

AND: “Willis Carto: A Reminiscence.” Michael Hoffman remembers his years working with the late Willis Carto and Mr. Carto’s life and times.  


Revisionist History no. 80: 
 Hitler Had Him Murdered
Gregor Strasser, the German Visionary who could have led his nation to a new birth of freedom

Gregor Strasser (center, with cane), with his ex-protégé, Goebbels; October, 1931.

The Untold History of the Exemplary Life and foul Assassination of one of the Greatest German Leaders of the 20th century

Here is history that is sure to shock, edify and enlighten in ways that readers have come to expect from Michael Hoffman’s  revisionist scholarship.  Why settle for being mentally trapped by cliches and slogans? Break out of the Right wing’s consensus-reality by studying and learning from the suppressed facts presented in this issue.

Sections include: Strassers Spiritual Vision; Gottfried Feder and Strasser; Hitler, Strasser and Christianity; A Straight Look at the Weimar Republic; Spengler and Strasser; Strassers Ideology; The Night of the Long Knives.

Also in this issue: Conservatives and The Market: 
A Match Made in Hell


Revisionist History no. 79: 
 “Zionism is Guilty of that for which Islam is Accused”

•Comparison of Islam’s concepts of •“Sharia” Law, the •“Dhimmi,” •lying to non-Muslims and •killing “kufars”  with the rabbinic religion’s categories of Talmudic •“Halacha” Law •“the Goyim,” •lying to gentiles and •using violence and terrorism against gentiles. 

ALSO: Revelation of the Method in the Conquest of Iraqi cities by ISIS: how the western Cryptocracy backs the Salafist terrorism of ISIS and Nusra.

PLUS: “Training to Detect Fraud.” Case studies demonstrating the Cryptocracy’s methods of exonerating the guilty by falsely accusing them! Here is high level instruction in detecting cunning mind control techniques.

AND: Homosexual Marriage: The West’s Self-Indictment. Special section analyzing this curse from a new perspective - The Revolt Against Creation Itself - and demonstrating how the government of Canada prosecutes opponents of sodomite marriage with fines, lawsuits and loss of employment. Are we next? 

ALSO: Edward Gibbon: Homosexuality brought down the Roman empire. 

PLUS: British Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery on Israeli terrorists. 
And more!

Revisionist History no. 78: 
“Truth Devoured by a Wolf” 
16-page magazine format. Nearly 18,000 words!

St. Thomas More

The “Wolf Hall” TV series on PBS and two books by British author Hilary Mantel shred the reputation of St. Thomas More and rehabilitate the king’s slavish bureaucratic hatchet man, Thomas Cromwell. What are the facts behind the famous Tudor power struggle over the king’s marriage to Anne Boleyn? 

What lessons in rule by Cryptocracy does this historical epoch have to teach? 

Sections include: Thomas More: the saint who burned heretics and hunted booksellers; More’s involvement with the Neoplatonic Hermetic conspiracy; Hilary Mantel: false accuser; the plight of the only untarnished saint in this tale of woe: Catherine of Aragon, the queen who had been Henry’s true wife for 20 years; Rise and Fall of Anne Boleyn; Did Thomas More die for the Occult Church or the Catholic Church?; Did the occult Renaissance Church of Rome work covertly for Henry’s divorce? Errors and bias in “Wolf Hall.” Did More acquit himself at the end? How Cromwell and Henry VIII created a template for tyranny, and more! 

Join us on the trail of the hidden hand inside the Tudor power struggle 


Revisionist History no. 77: 

Talmudism Hates Four People who Walked the Earth 
More than anyone who ever lived 
Who are they and why are they hated?

Most Hated: 1. Jesus Christ. 2. His Blessed Mother, Mary. 3. Titus, the Roman General. 4. Isabella, the Roman Catholic Queen of Spain

Michael Hoffman’s study offers new documentation on rabbinic blasphemy and institutionalized hatred of Jesus and Mary and the Cross, and explores new territory in his analysis of Talmudism’s hatred for the Romans and how we have been tricked into despising them and blaming them for the Crucifixion. Demonstrates the virtue and excellence of the great Roman General and of the next most hated “goy” in Judaic lore, Isabella of Spain. 

Also in this issue: Black African Operators of the Black African Slave Trade New history of the Black Africans who did not merely “cooperate,” but were the instigators, managers and overseers of the “Gold Coast” African slave trade


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