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Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare by Michael Hoffman. 2001 edition of this classic work, which illuminates the crimes and command ideology of the masonic Cryptocracy, where ground zero meets the zero hour in a bestial crucible of ritual murder, human alchemy and demonic invasion. Partial list of contents: Mystical Toponomy. Truth or Consequences. The Queen's Conjurer. Jack the Lodge Brother. Sci-Fi Inevitabilism. Son of Uncle Sam. Wicked King Wicker. The Group Mind. The Double Initial Murders. The Lone Nut. Twilight Language. Trinity Sight. Alchemy of Ritual Murder. The Hunimal. The Golem. Rebuilding the Third Temple. Wired to the Data Hive. The Columbine Matrix. The Ritual Aspects of Criminal Politics, Unabomber, Revelation of the Method, and much more. 

"...the most challenging exposé of masonic magic ever written." 
 Lloyd Miller, A-Albionic Research

"The ultimate secret may well have been cracked by Michael Hoffman in his book, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare."
 Doug Moench, The Big Book of Conspiracies

Quality softcover. Illustrated. 215 pages.

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They Were White and They Were Slaves: The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites in Early America by Michael Hoffman. This remarkable, pioneering history book traces the suppressed record of the slave trade in Whites, hundreds of thousands of whom were kidnapped, chained, whipped and worked to death in colonial America and industrial Britain. Michael A. Hoffman makes a compelling case for the fact that millions of American whites alive today are also descendants of slaves, the white slaves. 

"...a new and startling perspective on the slavery issue." --Instauration magazine.

" excellent book..." Revilo Oliver, PhD., University of Illinois

Paperback, illustrated 137 pages.

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Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not is available here 


Judaism’s Strange Gods is available here (scroll down the page)

The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome here


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