Monday, June 24, 2013

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Revisionist History Newsletter no. 74:
Right Wing Myths with an Endless Shelf Life

20-page magazine format. Our biggest issue of the year!

Was John Calvin a “Jew”?

Were the English Puritans who overthrew King Charles I agents of the Judaic Money Power? 

Did Oliver Crowell readmit the Judaics to England?

Many non-Zionist Right-wingers believe the answer to all three questions is yes. 

It is our hope that uncovering these Big Lies will serve to illustrate a defective epistemology, what is known in cognitive psychology as confirmation bias. This is the act of seeking only those details and viewpoints which confirm the biases we hold dear, and about which we have formed a pre-judgment, independent of the documentary record. Right wing myths have disoriented our minds, nearly destroyed our spirits and imparted so much confusion that many of our people, in spite of good intentions, have been rendered almost totally ineffective in this Great Battle.  

Throughout history deep-cover forces of the Cryptocracy have co-opted personnel and organizations we imagine are on the side of the good and the true. The more our people burn out from suckering in for these counterfeits, the more they fail to show up for battle. In this issue we investigate one particular set of these counterfeits, the better to hone our powers of discernment. 

By offering training in the detection of counterfeit history and the extent to which we have been snookered by respectable, highly esteemed authors such as Hilaire Belloc, and Capt. Archibald Ramsay in his book The Nameless War, we hope to inoculate our readers against the legion of Right wing dupes and one-track minds churning out misleading and erroneous data which engenders confusion and tends to discredit us. 

Right wing myths misdirect conservatives — which is the whole point behind these Crypocracy-seeded fables — to disorient and demoralize us, so that we will eventually drop out and degenerate into "survivalist" hoarders, instead of fulfilling our God-given destiny as teachers, activists and campaigners. 

Revisionist History Newsletter no. 73:
Masonic America: The Mormon Branch of the Brotherhood

Think you know the Mormons? Think again. Here is their clandestine history as never before revealed:

•The Mormon Pledge to Destroy America. •“Consecrated” thieving from “gentiles.” •Joseph and Hyrum Smith: Master Masons. •Joseph Smith’s 37 wives. •Newspaper disagrees with the Mormons—  they destroy it. •Smith’s Egyptian connection. •The actual reason Joseph Smith was murdered. •Mormonism’s deep roots in Masonic America. •Mormonism’s role in fulfilling Masonic prophecy today. Here are vital facts you will find nowhere else, as Mormons like Glen Beck lead Conservatives down an Israeli dead end, and their “Kingdom of Deseret” continues to rise in the American West and inside the US government.

Also in issue #73: Nowadays the “diversity” lobby teaches America’s young white people that they should feel guilty about an alleged unfair advantage in the form of their supposed “white skin privilege,” but Michael Hoffman brings to light the hidden story of 82 white laborers who were killed in Washington state and then forgotten. Here is the unsung history of America as you have come to expect it from Revisionist History newsletter.


Revisionist History Newsletter no. 72:
9/11 Terror Attack Alchemy

S.K. Bain, a former newspaper and magazine editor, has built on our book Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare to further investigate the 9/11 terror attacks as “Mega-Ritual”  — the brain-scrambling occult synaesthesia now embedded in the American psyche as a result of the infernal marriage of Satanism and  psychological warfare. Here’s vital new information you won’t want to miss!

Also in issue #72: Syrian “Pearl Harbor” Thwarted: How Turkey, backed by Qatar and the Saudis, instigated the false flag “poison gas” attack that was intended to induce the US to cross Obama’s “red line,” and how it ties in to Benghazi.

Plus: How staring into a computer screen for hours a day degrades our ability to read and truly comprehend printed pages. Also: Race Against the Machine; Satan at Harvard; and: The “Jesus had a wife” hoax exposed — and more!


Revisionist History Newsletter no. 71:

When God Spoke Greek
An Account of the Suppression of the Original Biblical Text of the Church


In the Septuagint Scriptures the early Christians saw a divinely established redoubt whose providential manifestation among Jesus and His apostles forever marked it with Yahweh's imprimatur. Hoffman contrasts the Septuagint with the Hebrew Masoretic and Latin Vulgate versions. Special section on Michelangelo's derogation of Moses based on the Vulgate; the ban on God's personal name. Why does the Septuagint have almost no place in the western Church today? 

Plus: Freemasonry's corruption of the British Police; 1960s radicals who opposed homosexuality; the despicable pride of the rabbis; Russia, Ukraine and the Money Power; the assassination of Jock Yablonski; Could Hitler have won WWII?, and more.

Revisionist History Newsletter no. 70:
A Rabbinic Curse on Christians

Denied for centuries, this curse from the misnamed "Amidah blessings" is now documented. Judaica scholar Michael Hoffman explores Orthodox Judaism’s theological antagonism toward Christianity, from the days of Rabbi Gamaliel onward, and which remains in effect in our time. Offers incontrovertible evidence of the hostility which Talmudism harbors for the West, which it ritually curses as malkhut zadon (the "empire of insolence").

Also in this issue: A blockbuster survey of the secret, ancient and largely unknown alliance between Talmudism and Islam. The American Right imagines that the followers of the Talmud are united to the West culturally and has good will toward the U.S. in particular. The truth of the matter is very different, as Hoffman demonstrates with his usual exactitude. 
Also in this issue: A distinguished Black journalist deconstructs the Hollywood Movie “12 Years a Slave.”

Revisionist History Newsletter no. 69:
King-Kill/33 Fifty Years later 
Symbolism, Psychological Warfare and Revelations in the John F. Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy

Michael Hoffman, author of Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, has been on the trail of the assassins since the 1970s. Here is his monumental, 20,000-word report packed with the latest research concerning the conspirators and the coverup, with unique insights into the theatre of masonic mind contol in which the murder of our President was situated for purposes of psychological warfare against the American people. Special edition: 20 page magazine, illustrated. 

Price including shipping


Revisionist History Newsletter no. 68:

“Kingdom of Kidnappers — The Hidden History of Impressment: The British Naval Enslavement of Whites.” 

Between 1688 and 1815 about a quarter million white people became the slaves of Britain's mercantile-military sea power. Michael Hoffman furnishes a fascinating new account of this suppressed epoch. Sections include: Enslaving British whites — a vestigial power of the Crown; Admiralty Law comes to shore; Capitalism's alibi for impressment-slavery exposed; State security trumps Liberty; Poor whites as hereditary naval slaves; the Legality of Impressing Seamen. 

Also in this issue: NSA Surveillance — Treason to the 4th, 5th and 7 Amendments to the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution. Plus: Machiavelli’s Ideology of Command; Washington Navy Yard Shootings; Wall Street Pays Petraeus; Superbug CRE; Beef cattle poisoned with Zilmax; Hoffman’s “Usury” book reviewed by Economist Anthony Santelli, and more. 


Revisionist History Newsletter no. 67:

Cover article: "Dante Alighieri: Tribune of Western Civilization and Target of Dan Brown's Falsification." 

Dante was the greatest poet of the Middle Ages. It could be argued that he was the greatest of all European poets, of any time or place." His Divine Comedy is one of the noblest representations of the western Christian tradition ever penned. What does it mean to be a "a man of the West"? We see this word, the "West" invoked often. Increasingly it is being misrepresented, or eclipsed by the ideology of diversity and mulitculturalism which on many college campuses is an enforced dogma. One cannot effectively defend against degenerate and falsifying movements, or appreciate or comprehend the depths of western civilization without Dante, who stood at the crossroads of an epoch, straddling from his vantage in the aptly named Middle Ages, the first millennium of the orthodox Christianity of the past, and the first rumblings of the revolution that would become the Renaissance modernism of the future. All who would be considered educated in what remains of our civilization must read Dante's Divine Comedy, or at the least, its renowned first volume, The Inferno. Michael Hoffman serves as your guide through the politically incorrect and suppressed passages in Dante, in sections titled, "Dante's Purgatory," "Dante and Visual Art," "Dante's Sources," "The Medieval vs. the Modern Outlook," "Popes in Hell," "Dante's Inferno" and finally, "Dante's Equation," about which Hoffman writes, "As long as literacy prevails on earth, the West will never escape the challenge of Dante Alighieri's Equation."

Inside: Next, Hoffman demolishes Dan Brown's best-selling new book, Inferno, page by page, calling it a "palimpsest of deceit and a mockery of Dante." (Brown claims Dante as his inspiration). Hoffman shows that Brown's novel is a "farce for death-worshipping hipsters," with a population control agenda that surpasses the CFR, the U.N. and the Club of Rome with Brown's propaganda for sterilizing one-third of mankind with a new Black Plague (a virus created in a laboratory). If you or someone you know is smitten with Brown's books, deprogram them with this analysis that proves that Dan Brown is a fraud. Also in this Issue: "Boston Marathon Bombing Conspiracy Timeline - Stagecraft and Terrorcraft.""Strengthening al-Qaeda in Syria - like we did in Libya.” "New study by a top Israeli molecular biologist argues that Judaic-Ashkenazim are descended from Khazars, not Abraham.” "Golem-Goyim giving it all away with Amnesty for Illegal Aliens.""The War on Reality,"and more!